Left wants to end social turmoil by eliminating police

(OneNewsNow)  When addressing the social upheaval resulting from Minneapolis white police officer Derek Chauvin killing George Floyd during a routine arrest by unnecessarily applying his knee on the African American’s neck, Fox News’ Sean Hannity commented on how the left wants to do away with police and form armed bands of citizens instead.

The conservative host of The Sean Hannity Show was referring to the Washington Examiner Chief Political Correspondent Byron York, who anticipated via social media the left’s next move in the racial tensions caused by Floyd’s tragic death.

“Maybe it’s time for some enterprising blue-state municipality to go bold and eliminate its police force,” York tweeted Thursday. “See what happens.”

Outright abolishment of the police a solution?

Hannity commented on the serious nature of the tweet by York – who is also a Fox News contributor and author of The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.   View article →


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