In Light of Our Present Distress, What Do We Need Most?

The glory of the gospel is this—when we as believers sin, whether it be racism, adultery, lying, or stealing, and when the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin, when He enables us to have true, heartfelt contrition, then we will bring forth fruits of repentance, namely a change in behavior. God then promises to bring restoration to us. We desperately need restoration at this time.

(Al Baker – The Aquila Report)  No doubt all of you reading this were appalled at the treatment of George Floyd who died last week under the knee of the Minneapolis police officer who kept him face down while handcuffed….

No doubt you likewise are appalled at the anarchy throughout most of our major cities in the U.S., ostensibly coming from the killing of Mr. Floyd. Most of us tend to focus on the spectacular which is often fed by the media of our country. While I in no way want to mitigate the injustice perpetrated on Mr. Floyd, we would do well to remember what is too often ignored, namely that young black men are regularly gunned down by other young black men almost daily in our major cities. Over Memorial Day weekend in Chicago forty-nine young men were shot and ten died.[1] Then the weekend of May 29-31 eighty-two were shot in Chicago and nineteen died from the shootings.[2] In light of this present distress, what do we need most?  View article →


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