The Coronavirus Mask Charade Continues

“Mask-wearing is not benign, either.  (1) Masked faces feel hostile because you can see no relaxation or smile in the person you’re facing.  (2) People feel disconnected, and a national survey shows that depression and suicidal thoughts are way up.  (3) Public misbehavior is amplified when actors are anonymous — riots, anyone?”  

(John G. Maguire – American Thinker) When he announced on May 1 that masks would be  worn in public places, Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker was emphatic.

“We view this as common sense.  This is going to be basically a way of life.  No ifs, no ands, no buts, no doubts.”

However,  doubts are showing up.

First, Baker’s order said to wear face coverings when in public places and unable to keep a social distance of six feet.  Why’d he pick six feet?  There is no research showing that six feet means anything in a public space.

That six-foot idea is an arbitrary guess that was “conjured up out of nowhere,” according to Professor Robert Dingwall, a top scientific adviser to the British government, which like the U.S. has adopted six feet as a safe social distance.  The authorities guessed that it might be a good distance because some study had shown that a cough could travel six feet in a tightly closed dead-air space.  The relevance of that to everyday life — who knows?  View article →


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