Bethel Music Under Fire for Putting on Impromptu Concert at George Floyd Memorial

“Others though, were extremely critical of the event, accusing Bethel of having self-serving motives and being disrespectful by co-opting the memorial and making it about Bethel, zoning in on comments made by Feutch that he wants to “change the narrative” of the memorial.” 

(Dustin Germain – PNP)  Bethel Church has come under fire for being “opportunisric white colonizers” after Bethel Music musicians visited the George Floyd Memorial in Minneapolis and put on an impromptu worship concert, complete with all the charismatic shenanigans that accompany such an event.

Sean Feutch, a worship leader at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California, brought the band down to the intersection of 38th and Chicago which has become a memorial dedicated to Floyd’s memory. This is the site where throngs of people have come down to pay their respects in tears and commiseration, and visit the holy ground of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The band played for several hours and prayed for people in attendance, frequently in tongues. They did altar calls and crowd work, with other members of the Bethel team talking to bystanders, speaking of them about being saved, and the power of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  View article →


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