Cartoon Network Celebrates ‘Pride Month’ With Videos of Youth ‘LGBTQ’ Activists, ‘Pride’ Playlist

In the “Craig of the Creek” episode “The Haunted Dollhouse”, which also depicts an occultic seance, witches Courtney and Tabitha are caught kissing in the dark. The two first revealed their feelings for each other in the episode “The Curse.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  Cartoon Network is again celebrating Pride Month this year, releasing videos with teens talking about homosexuality and transgenderism and finding the “courage” to be an activist for the cause. The network has also posted a Pride playlist on its site and app, featuring homosexual-themed episodes from “Steven Universe” and “Craig of the Creek.”

“Our world is changing every day and it’s the courage of individuals that bring forth progress,” Cartoon Network tweeted on Wednesday. “While the world continues to push for equality, CN celebrates the people and families within the LGBTQ+ community, all month long and all year round. #HappyPrideMonth”

The network also shared a video from its “Drawn To” series that featured youth talking about being an ally for homosexual and transgender causes. Each person had their “preferred pronoun” written next to their name.  View article →


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