Finally, an effective and uncontroversial COVID-19 treatment

(World Magazine)  Success With A Steroid – In March, a study in Wuhan, China, suggested that coronavirus patients might benefit from a potent steroid called methylprednisolone. But the study’s preliminary nature and its small number of participants limited its impact: At the time, the Eastern Virginia Medical School guidelines, which have helped guide COVID-19 treatment elsewhere, warned that “this topic is controversial” before summarizing the Wuhan findings and suggesting steroids may help.

Now, those findings have received support from the Recovery study, a University of Oxford clinical trial enrolling over 11,500 patients so far at 175 hospitals in the U.K. Recovery is investigating five potential treatments for COVID-19. One arm of the study, with over 2,100 patients, is investigating the steroid dexamethasone. (With hydroxychloroquine eliminated on June 5, the remaining candidates in the study are the anti-HIV combination drug Kaletra, the antibiotic azithromycin, plasma from recovered patients, and an anti-inflammatory called tocilizumab. View article →


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