Racism in the PCA

“This article will be hard to swallow. The need of the hour is to recognize the nature of the enemy the Church faces. And the enemy which stands at the gate of the Church in America is not what many think. Up to this point, many think that the enemy we are facing is some form of white supremacy, or racial animus, or “oppression” of minorities. Brothers and sisters, I tell you, as an ordained servant of King Jesus, the enemy is not that. Rather it is the racist philosophy of Critical Theory which has burned down most, if not all, of the institutions of the West.”

(Bennnie Castle)  Recently, By Faith, the online magazine of the Presbyterian Church in America published a statement by the Coordinators and Presidents of General Assembly committees and agencies dealing with recent “Heinous Killings.” This statement is troubling for the Reformed world for several reasons, not least of which is the unholy way in which this statement handles Scripture….

This article is a response to this statement and a warning to all who are in NAPARC. This statement is nothing less than kneeling before the golden statue of Critical Theory.

Since there are several layers to this statement as a performative speech act, this article will not be able to handle all of them. The nature of discourse in our country is laden with propaganda and propagandizing speech acts. The nature of a speech act is not located in the meaning of the propositions used in the discourse. Rather it is in the work that such a statement accomplishes. This is a feature of post-modern discourse that the Confessional Churches need to recognize. And this for one simple reason. As long as we attempt to refute the claims of our current revolutionaries using exegesis and logic, we will miss the mark. Their statements are not made with an eye toward aligning with any objective standard of truth. The one universal canon of post-modernism is that there are no universal canons. The standard of discourse is to remove and disallow all standards of discourse. All that matters is power, effect, work, accomplishing the goal, and bringing in change. By whatever means. It follows that to combat this new discourse, we must first understand the goals of those who contradict and their methods. The fundamental method of revolutionaries is effect, not truth.   View article →


Progressive (Social Justice) “Christianity”

To understand Critical Race Theory is to understand the Social Gospel Coalition — Todd Friel

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