If You Supported Black Lives Matter, Don’t Complain About Coronavirus Spike

“The Black Lives Matter protests shattered national unity. They took a rare moment of agreement on the George Floyd killing — which everyone condemned — and turned it into a divisive confrontation over so-called “systemic racism.”

(Joel B. Pollack – Breitbart)  The U.S. recorded its highest number of corona virus cases in a single day on Wednesday, though deaths and death rates continue to fall. The data continued an upward trend that began earlier this month, and President Donald Trump’s critics have pounced on the news as evidence that he mismanaged the COVID-19 pandemic.

But there is one thing the critics miss: the number of cases declined until early June, when the sudden spike appeared.

Some states began re-opening their economies in late April, and others gradually followed. Yet there were no major increases in cases during that period — only in early- to mid-June.

What else was going on in early June in the U.S.?  View article →


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