Epstein Madam Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested, Charged with Sex Trafficking of Children

“Epstein’s famous plane, the Lolita Express, shuttled the rich and famous to his island in the Pacific for clandestine activity with underage girls. Maxwell is believed to have been involved up to her eyeballs in it and will now finally face justice … if she survives that long.”

(Megan Fox – PJ Media)  Ghislaine Maxwell, longtime girlfriend and alleged “madam” for Jeffrey Epstein (who didn’t kill himself) has been arrested by the FBI at a luxurious estate in New Hampshire on charges of conspiracy, sex trafficking of minor children, and perjury. She is said to be under suicide watch and we all hope it goes better than that time her boyfriend was in a similar situation.

Maxwell is alleged to have been involved in Epstein’s giving “sexualized massages” to minors that led to rape, according to officials. Maxwell is also accused of lying repeatedly under oath to law enforcement. The press conference details Maxwell’s role as a “procurement” specialist who groomed young minor girls to trust her before she handed them over to Epstein for sexual abuse. The abuse, authorities say, took place at several residences of Epstein’s and Maxwell’s, including her property in London. View article →


Jeffrey Epstein


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