Black Lives Matter Terrorists Storm Baptist Church and Block Entrances, Assault Members

(PNP)  Black Lives Matter “protesters” continue to find new targets for their destructive behavior. Not content with toppling statues, looting, and setting buildings on fire, they’ve now found a new source to terrorize: Christian churches.

The rioters in question chose to target Grace Baptist Church in Troy, NY, because the Church was sponsoring an AR-15 giveaway, as is their practice. Protesters showed up in mass, storming the sanctuary and causing a disturbance….

The police were called and the protesters had to be escorted out all the while shouting “black lives matter!”

The protesters surrounded the Church and blocked men and women from entering. When one young man tried to push through to get to the doors, he was violently assaulted and a scrum ensued.  View article →


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