Trump Was Right All Along: The Fake News Media Really Is The Enemy Of The People

“This is the same media that has spent the last six weeks stirring up strife over the death of George Floyd and lying about the resulting chaos. While rioters and looters desecrated major cities across the United States, many journalists downplayed the violence and tried to convince Americans most of the actors were simply peaceful protesters.”

(Kylee Zemple – The Federalist)  Firework smoke still lingered in the sky over Mount Rushmore as journalists began their daily routine of story-spinning, as if their very lives depended on headlines reflecting the exact opposite of true events….

President Donald Trump’s pro-America speech, dripping with unity and patriotism, was decried in legacy media as diabolical.

Just moments after the star-spangled spectacle, The New York Times blasted out a news alert, calling the president’s remarks “dark and divisive” and condemning his Independence Day speech as insufficiently focused on the Wuhan virus. ABC News claimed “Trump pushe[d] racial division” and defied pandemic rules, while the Washington Post opted for “dark” descriptors and blamed Trump for “exploit[ing] social divisions.”

One honest look at Trump’s speech spikes these media fictions into orbit.  View article →


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