Todd White Responds to Claims He’s Been Preaching the Wrong Gospel–and He’s not Happy

“Many thought that the change to Todd was due to newly being exposed to Whitfield, Spurgeon, and Comfort, but it turns out that he’s been reading them for years, and yet has still engaged in his shenanigans. He also mentions Dr. Michael Brown, a decidedly poor resource, and yet Brown will be speaking at White’s Chuch on August 16th. Birds of a feather.”

(PNP)  Evangelist Todd White is pushing back on claims that he repented for not preaching the full gospel and is now newly saved, declaring that he’s been taken out of context and that his critics are sinning in doing so.

White made headlines last week when he preached a sermon and declared that he repented of not preaching the full gospel, with comments like “I feel like I just met Jesus” leading his critics to hope that the known heretic had changed his ways, become saved, and would bear fruit in keeping with repentance. We wrote about this extensively herehere and here, and made the case that if White was repentant and, then like Zacheus there are a few things he would have to do to demonstrate it before we would consider him a brother in the Lord. View article →

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