Joe Biden Is Absolutely the Vehicle for the Communist Takeover of the Democrat Party

“The AfGJ is also a communist organization. Its mission is overtly collectivist and internationally focused. These are the communists that fought the fascists back in the early 20th century. While none of these organizations claim association with antifa, you can bet you will find the shock troops at upcoming events.” 

(Stacey Lennox – PJ Media)  Democrat nominee Joe Biden had his wife, Jill, interview with Dana Perino. One has to wonder if she ended up filling in because Joe has so many weird interview moments. While Jill vehemently denied Biden has any cognitive issues, that wasn’t even the funniest part of the interview.

Biden’s wife insisted the candidate is a moderate. She actually said he’s not right or left, just a moderate:

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I give Dana Perino a ton of credit for keeping a straight face. She also gets points for following up and confronting Jill with Biden’s own comments that he will be the most progressive president in history. Jill stood firm. So is Joe lying, or is Jill? View article →

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