New Study Finds Sweden’s Refusal To Lock Down Saved The Economy Without Sacrificing Lives

Sweden has an intact economy, a citizenry with greater immunity to COVID-19, and a death rate per million lower than Italy’s — all with no lockdown.

(Sumantra Maitra – The Federalist) To prove a study isn’t suffering from selection bias, one of the best methods is to find cases or studies with similar precepts that show different results. When conclusions and expertise are constantly challenged by counter-conclusions and counter-expertise, the better the investigative process becomes, and everyone benefits with a better-refined outcome. In studying different results of similar assumptions, we have a better chance of isolating and understanding causal variables.

After five months of a total collapse of social life under forced quarantines, if we are indeed facing a second wave with no vaccines yet, it’s time to declare that Sweden’s approach was correct all along. While the majority of political leaders around the globe panicked, lost their nerve, and — at least temporarily — wrecked our countries, that wasn’t the case everywhere. View article →

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