Heartbreak: Judge Puts James Younger Under Mother’s Control, Ordering Father to Pay for Counseling

James and his twin brother Jude

(Megan Fox – PJ Media)  The sad saga of Jeffrey Younger’s fight to keep his mad ex-wife from transitioning one of their twin boys, James Younger, into a “girl” is not over. After one judge awarded the father joint medical decision-making last year under immense pressure from Texas legislators and Governor Greg Abbott, another judge reversed that ruling in favor of the mother, who wants a daughter instead of the son she has.

Judge Mary Brown (D) has ruled that all medical decisions will now go through Dr. Anne Georgulas, who is not James’s biological mother but who used donor eggs to conceive the twin boys, James and Jude. Georgulas will be allowed to enroll James in school as “Luna,” the name she chose for the gender she prefers for her son. She will not be stopped from dressing the boy in girls’ clothes and making him wear a wig, even though the boy expressed his disdain for wearing dresses and threw them in the trash at his father’s house.  View article →

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