LA County Pursues ‘Contempt of Court’ Charges against MacArthur’s Grace Church, Demand $20,000 in Fines

(PNP)  Los Angeles County is deadly serious about bringing John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church to the knee, moving to hold the California megachurch in contempt after they held three separate morning services on August 16th, defying a last-minute court order that specifically forbade them from doing so, saying that even they must comply with the state’s lockdown restrictions.

The county is alleging that Grace has committed eight separate acts of contempt, to which they owe $8,000 for those acts (at a fine of $1000 each) as well as an additional $12,000 in fines for violating the court orders (at a fine of $1,500 each) – bringing the total owed to $20,000, and growing if they go ahead with any more services, which MacArthur has indicated he intended to do this Sunday. View article →

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Pastor John MacArthur vs Gov Gavin Newsom

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