Are Local Gathering and Mask Mandates Constitutional?

“An easy rule of thumb to discover state and local overreach is this: civil government derives all its just powers from We the People. We the People can only grant to civil government powers to do things we could do ourselves. We hire them as our servants, delegate to them tasks we could do….”

(Jake MacAulay – News With Views)  You’re a good parent. Let’s suppose you think it wise to buy a watchdog in order to protect your little girl from any intruders who may wish to do her harm.

After a little time, the puppy you bought becomes a full-grown animal. His muscles become fully developed, his teeth are big and sharp, and now he towers over your little girl. You are worried that he is becoming too aggressive and one day you look out the door and witness your worst fear —you see the dog’s jaws are on her neck and blood is on her clothes.

As you burst out the front door, she has gotten free and is cowering in the corner of the fence by the tree. The dog is charging across the yard and in a few seconds will be at her throat again. You only have enough time to do what your instincts tell you to do: you get your body —you insert yourself —between the dog and the child —between the danger and the daughter.  View article →

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