Attorney General Barr bombs premise of Black Lives Matter

“The amazing part of this is the complete intellectual disregard Democrats have for America and especially for black Americans. They believe that by lying about this issue, in contravention of easily discoverable facts, that black Americans will rise up in indignation and blame the president. But something else happened.”

(David Kamioner – LifeZette)  Black Lives Matter is based on a simple premise: Racist white police officers are killing black people because they are black….

But actual numbers show that a majority of those killed by police are white and that only 32% are black. So, if racist white police officers are hunting down innocent blacks, then why are they killing more whites than blacks? Why, by two to one, are you safer with a police officer if you’re black than if you’re another race?

The answer is obvious: Black Lives Matter, like so many Democrat disinformation operations, is a hoax. Like Russian collusion and the Ukrainian phone call before it, Black Lives Matter is based on a lie that is willingly spread by the media. But U.S. Attorney General William Barr is having nothing of it.   View article →

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