How draconian COVID-19 lockdown measures undermine the abortion lobby’s ‘my body, my choice’ mantra

“[P]ro-life activists should take advantage of this shift in rhetoric to point out that we’ve been saying this sort of thing for decades. We believe that a human being’s right to life trumps the right to bodily autonomy, trumps financial considerations, and places a solemn responsibility on all of us. Children in the womb are one of us and must be treated as one of us. They are owed not only the right to life, but also the right to our defense.”

(Jonathon Van Maren – LifeSiteNews) – Abortion supporters have many arguments they utilize to defend feticide, ranging from difficult and traumatic circumstances to disproven and unscientific babble about the child in the womb being a “clump of cells” rather than a human being (something no credible scientist in the field believes)….

But the primary argument used to defend the destruction of pre-born human beings in the womb is that of personal autonomy: The child is totally dependent on the body of the mother, at least until viability, and thus it should be the mother’s decision as to whether the child lives or dies.

I’ve noted before in this space that I actually believe that the argument for bodily autonomy based on the dependence of the pre-born child on his or her mother makes the pro-life case rather than the pro-abortion one. After all, our society generally recognizes that the weakness, vulnerability, and youth of a human being heightens our responsibility rather than lessens it. There are entire legal frameworks that exist for the sole purpose of protecting those members of the human family classified as “dependents,” and we collectively recognize that this dependence demands specific sacrifice and protection from the rest of us. In short, the strong have a unique obligation to the weak. View article →


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