The church must not be afraid to condemn BLM and Antifa racism

“How surprising is it then that such churches would fall all over themselves to ride the latest societal wave? Like ambulance-chasing lawyers, when racial strife began roiling the country, churches and Christian “leaders” felt the insatiable need to provide the agitated precisely what their itching ears demanded.”

(Peter Heck – Disrn)  The last several months have provided a disquieting window into the soul of myriad churches and prominent Christian individuals in America, revealing the startling degree to which so many are motivated by the applause of men rather than the glory of God.

The propensity of these groups and leaders to pander to cultural trends, acquiesce to the demands of popular fads, be swayed by the promise of societal relevance, and abandon the full witness and robust presentation of the unabridged gospel of Jesus Christ is nothing short of astounding.  View article →


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