Cop Shoots Latino Man in Self-Defense. BLM Rioters’ Response: ‘Death to Cops’

“Bodycam footage clearly shows Munoz running after the officer, holding a knife in his hand, after leaving the house following an angry confrontation with a woman.”

(Tyler O’Neil – PJ Media)  Black Lives Matter riots came to Lancaster, Pa., on Sunday night after a police officer shot a Latino man who was charging him with a knife, according to police. Rioters looted local businesses, built a barricade, set up a massive bonfire, smashed windows at the police station and post office, and spray-painted “Death to cops!” on a nearby wall.

This incident proves yet again that agitators with the Black Lives Matter movement will seize on any opportunity to engage in looting, rioting, and arson. Rioters will twist the facts in order to claim police brutality even when there was none. They will claim racism when there was none. Using Marxist critical race theory, they will claim oppression when there was none. View article →


Critical Race Theory

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