Black Lives Matter ‘Demands Apology’ From Pat Robertson and the ‘Christian Right’

BLM Founder and Marxist, Patrisse Cullors

“Of course, Robertson is correct. Black Lives Matter — the movement as well as the organization — are the antithesis of Christianity and rooted squarely in a worldview which is opposed to Christianity. In fact, everything Robertson asserted is clearly described as part of Black Lives Matter’s movement on the organization’s What We Believe page.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte) According to Black Lives Matter, a nefarious movement that claims on its surface to actually care about black lives but really is nothing more than a front group for a Marxist movement hell-bent on destroying Western Civilization, has accused the “Christian Right” of attacking their movement — and now, they are demanding an apology from Pat Robertson.

Pat Robertson, the charismatic leader and founder of the 700 Club, is not without his problems. Robertson, and his movement, from a theological standpoint, in many ways fall outside of the bounds of Christian orthodoxy and have toed the line of heresy and promoted many false teachings. What Pat Robertson is not, though, is a political leftist. And Black Lives Matter is upset.  View article →


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