Christlike Submission to Authority

2019 ended with the start of the Impeachment proceedings against President Trump. As that farce played out the Covid-19 pandemic farce began to be played out. Oh, the disease is real, but the political reaction to it is without a doubt bizarre. Many things this year have troubled me greatly. One of those was the reaction by many Christians when the fake bad news about the pandemic started being blasted out to us constantly in the Spring. I witnessed many who before all this started professed to have a very strong faith and walk before the Lord Jesus Christ, but these same people’s faith seemed to evaporate and be replaced by a vapid fear when things got rough….

Yes we had to deal with that at the very same time that we are in the midst of one of the most nasty election years I have ever seen. The demonstrations, riots, and all those liberal mayors, governors and judges siding with the rioters just caused me to retreat into my prayer closet. I contacted some of my closest Christian friends and relatives about this as well. Are we at the end? What is going on? I was reminded by some of those close to me about all those posts I have written about how God is always working to cleanse His Church and that process can seem very severe to us. View article →