A Weary America Braces for More Pandemic Lockdowns

“Joe Biden is a fool if he really believes a mask mandate will be universally obeyed. How are you going to enforce it? Cops have been rebelling against enforcing lockdown rules and who can blame them? They should have better things to do than issuing a thousand tickets a day to law-abiding citizens for not wearing a mask or practicing social distancing.”

(Rick Moran – PJ Media)  Positive tests for the coronavirus are rising across the country and politicians are eager to solve the problem by shutting you up in your house again.

Because it worked so well the first time.

Actually, the question shouldn’t be whether lockdowns help in stopping the spread of the virus. They do. But when other, less draconian, more democratic measures would be just as effective, why give these jokers “emergency powers” to manage our lives when it isn’t necessary?

More lockdowns aren’t needed. More sound considered medical opinion is. Information is the key to managing society during this pandemic. But since politicians know no other way, we’re stuck with mask mandates, social distancing, and a disintegrating economy.

And that’s a problem because the people will not comply.    View article →


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