Rush Limbaugh: Democrats are staging revolution against America

“Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar. That whole cabal believe that America is deeply flawed, deeply imperfect and irredeemably unjust — and that’s a keyword: Irredeemably. America cannot be fixed, in their perverted view.”

(WND)  Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh says the Democrats in America right now are staging a revolution against the nation.

It’s because their motivation is the belief that the country is “irredeemably unjust.”

“We are living in a revolution — an actual revolution, not just the word. There is an actual revolution taking place. The American left is revolting against America as founded!” Limbaugh warned. “They are not the Democrat Party of old. This is not the Democrats versus the Republicans. This is American Marxists and communists conducting a revolution against America, as founded.”  View article →


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