Netflix has been indicted in Texas on child pornography charges for promoting ‘Cuties’

“There has been fear among those who work to rescue sex trafficked children that “Cuties” depicts the grooming behavior consistent with child predation.”

(Peter Heck – Disrn)  Netflix, after facing intense public backlash for airing the provocative film “Cuties,” which many saw as sexualizing children, is now facing criminal charges in the state of Texas.

Rep. Matt Schaefer (R-TX) made public a grand jury indictment that has been filed in Tyler County, alleging Netflix is guilty of promoting “lewd visual material depicting a child.”

According to the indictment, Netflix “knowingly” promoted “visual material which depicts…the genitals or pubic area of a clothed or partially clothed child who was younger than 18 years of age at the time the visual material was created.”  View article →

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