America’s most powerful people want you to shut up about Hunter Biden

“Our experience makes us deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case,” the letter reads. Now, these are so-called “intelligence operatives.” But they offered no evidence to support that reckless, very serious claim. Why didn’t they offer any evidence? Because there is no evidence.

(Tucker Carlson – Fox News)  What happened to Joe Biden? Remember him? Longtime senator, Obama’s VP, now running for president and on the ballot in two weeks? He was last seen a couple of days ago buying milkshakes in North Carolina. Given Biden’s present condition, that is worrisome. If you see him wandering in a park or lost in the crafts aisle at Wal-Mart, be sure to alert authorities.

Biden’s campaign team assures us there is no cause for concern. The final presidential debate is on Thursday, and he’s just preparing for that. That’s what they’re telling us, and maybe it’s true. Maybe Joe Biden really does need a week to prepare for a 90-minute debate moderated by an MSNBC correspondent.

But there are other potential explanations as well. Last week, we learned how Vice President Joe Biden altered this country’s foreign policy to help his son’s lobbying interests. Big Tech and the national media tried hard to kill that story, but it hasn’t really gone away. Facts are like that. They tend to persist. They’re hard to erase.  View article →


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