The Spygate Coup Attempt Destroyed Media And Democrats’ Credibility On Voter Fraud

“Trump’s backers lived through four years of false claims of “Russia collusion,” and while leftist media and many Americans remain in the dark about SpyGate, enough on the right know the reality that they won’t trust anything Democrats or the legacy press say about election fraud. Why should they?”

(Margot Cleveland – The Federalist)  After enduring four years of corporate media and congressional Democrats peddling lies, half-truths, and false narratives, Donald Trump voters will never believe a Joe Biden victory was lawfully achieved….

While there is no short-term fix to that fallout, if our republic is to survive and flourish, there must be a reckoning by elected officials and journalists and a course correction—no matter whom is declared the winner of 2020.

Since Tuesday’s election, America has witnessed some strange happenings in the voting tallies. Equally bizarre is the unbelievable phenomena we are witnessing of down-ballot Republicans riding Trump’s coattails to victory, with the president himself allegedly defrocked at the finish line.  View article →


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