America’s Venezuela-style election farce

One analyst noted that the U.S. has now become the joke of the world due to the depraved, ignominious, and low-class cheaters carrying out this fraud in front of us. “It was similar to Venezuela, when the governing party halted the vote count when trailing in the night.” At daybreak everybody knew that they had come from behind in every state and never looked back! It is typical to cheat at night.”

(Cliff Kincaid – Renew America)  America sanctions communists in foreign countries who steal elections. Here, communists commit the fraud and expect to occupy the White House.

The Biden-Harris movement should be considered an army of occupation. President Trump, with more legal votes on election day, should remain in office. Trump has said that he won, and he’s right. We have to protect the president from this coup.

Today’s situation is comparable to the war of 1812, when British forces burned the White House. Later, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, in a speech to the U.S. Congress about how the British embassy celebrated that event, would say, “Sorry about that.” People laughed.

We should not be laughing now. Biden-Harris are threatening to burn down our country by taking the White House on the basis of fraudulent votes.  View article →


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