Glenn Greenwald Rips ‘The Most Pathological Liar’ in Politics and Other Dems for Burying Hunter Biden Fiasco

“Greenwald added that Joe Biden remained protected by the liberal media, which was their goal from the start of this election. If anything, this story deserves a special counsel investigation. This story deserves a ton of scrutiny. This story is engulfed in allegations of family corruption. This story is everything the liberal hopes is true about Donald Trump.”   

(Matt Vespa – Townhall)  Hunter Biden dropped off a laptop for repairs in 2019 and never picked it up. it contained a lot of dirty laundry regarding shady business deals, which involved former Vice President Joe Biden, his father, and others….

Joe said he didn’t know about his son’s dealings. That was exposed as a lie. The New York Post first reported on this trove of emails and immediately faced the wrath of Facebook, Twitter, and Big Tech; Twitter froze them out for at least a week. It showed that Joe was well-aware of his son’s Burisma arrangement and met with executives of that Ukrainian energy firm. Hunter got that gig in 2014 when papa Joe was spearheading our policy efforts in the country, one of which was anti-corruption. Hunter got $50,000/month to sit on their board. He had no experience in energy but was allegedly there to sell access to top Obama officials, like his dad. From these emails, it was also clear that they expected protections from stuff like a legal probe, which was happening at this time. What happened? Well, Joe fired the prosecutor looking into Burisma when he…threatened to withhold aid to the country.  View article →


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