We are in the fight of our lives

What is Biden’s idea of “peace and unity”?  The economy-crushing Paris accord; anti-white Critical Race Theory; gender pronoun hate crimes; open borders; amnesty; citizenship to trespassing foreigners; packing the Supreme Court; statehood for Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico; assaults on the second amendment and more.  The Trump Accountability Project, now “rescinded,” called for list of names of those who supported Trump to “make them pay.”  Talks of camps to punish Trump voters?  That’s we.  Re-education programs abound.  This is peace and unity?”   

(Paul Davis – American Thinker)  This election, these past five years, all the events that have transpired point to one thing — submission.  The political class was shocked as an outsider came in, like a raging bull in their meticulously planned out china shop, and smashed it up as best he could….

They have been throwing everything they can at the man and at those — we, the People — who elected him.  All the attacks, from Russia to leaked tapes, leaked documents, turncoats from the administration, Kavanaugh hearings, impeachment, blatant lies about his statements (fine people on both sides, I’m looking at you here) and on and on.

The political class and media are in overdrive giving Biden an air of authority and the presumption of victory, while legal cases, manual ballot counting, and questions about ballot fraud abound.  Yet Biden gets the moniker “president-elect” with all in flux.  This is a psy ops campaign to demoralize us, demonize us, and depress us. View article →


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