Here Are Just 10 of the Wild Conspiracy Theories the Left (and Media) Have Tarred Trump With for More Than 4 Years

“Let’s take a rambling trip down the memory lane of the Steele Dossier fever dreams, “highly placed sources,” and Rick Wilson’s fantasies, shall we?”

(Victoria Taft – PJ Media)  The “deranged” Russian spy in the White House told the Ukraine president to drink Clorox and refuses to leave his “illegal” office until every blue mailbox filled with secret messages to “very fine” white supremacists in Prague is removed by incontinent hookers…

… and other whoppers the media trolled Donald Trump with for the past four-plus years. Speaking of trolls, so-called “fact” checkers are advised that this is satire. That is “protected speech.” Look it up.

The Left and their media wingmen have decided that after four years of believing Russian Facebook ads interfered with the 2016 election, that it’s absolutely a “deranged conspiracy theory” for the president to question the odd results of the 2020 election and the way they were produced. If the shoe had been on the other foot, the media’s candidate, Joe Biden, would be lauded for his patriotism and fortitude between his ever-diminishing bouts of clarity.  View article →


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