NAR Heretic Ché Ahn Says Jesus Endorsed his Book as ‘Most Important Book of the Hour’

In another book he penned, When Heaven Comes Down, “Apostle” Che Ahn links the birthing of all the restorationist movements from the New Order of the Latter Rain of 1948 to now.  Back in 1994 during what was known as the ‘Toronto Blessing,’ Ahn announced that God restored the office of Apostle: “The 1994 revival in Toronto restored the office of the apostle with the birth of many apostolic networks, including John and Carol Arnott’s Partners in Harvest, Rick Joyner’s Morning Star, Bill Johnson’s Global Legacy, Heidi and Rolland Baker’s Iris Ministries and or church’s own Harvest International Ministry.” Nothing could be further from the truth. So with this in mind, here’s Protestia’s piece on ravenous wolf “Apostle” Che Ahn.

If you thought the Bible was the most “important book of the hour” – you guessed wrong, at least according to the head of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) Ché Ahn, who said on his Facebook page that Jesus Christ appeared to his friend and fellow prophet James Goll and informed him that a book containing a series of essays from fellow NAR-ite heavy-hitters that he compiled is the most important book in the world, at least for now.

The book features essays by such “pillars of solid Biblical preaching” and “faithful exegetes” as Bill Johnson, James W. Goll, Lance Wallnau, John Arnott, Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, Heidi Baker, Lou Engle, C. Peter Wagner, and Jim Garlow. If you want the most extreme and excessive representations of the charismatic movement, short of John Crowder of “tokin’ the Holy Ghost and getting stoned in the spirit” fame, you found them.  View article →


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