A 1991 study may have found the root cause of transgenderism

“It may be that those overbearing mothers, the same ones Matt Walsh focused on, are the biggest factor in transgenderism. Someone trolling through the literature discovered a 1991 study in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry that compared mothers of boys with gender identity issues to mothers of “normal boys.” (Yes, just 29 years ago, it was still “normal” to call a boy a boy.)”

(Andrea Widburg – American Thinker)  If you’re on the left, you believe that the traditional idea that humans come in two sexes (male and female) is not only outdated but evil….

Instead, leftism insists that human sex identification is an infinitely malleable matter of personal choice, untethered to genetics. Conservatives respond that it’s not a matter of choice. Instead, people who claim to be transgendered almost invariably have complex mental issues, often stemming from their upbringing. A recently recovered 1991 study supports conservatives.

During his pre-election town hall, Joe Biden happily accepted that little boys and girls know exactly what sex they really are (separate from their biological sex) and promised that he will ensure that the law lets them make those choices. By saying this, Biden implied he would encourage allowing children to opt into dangerous hormone treatments and mutilating surgery. That’s not just demented, that’s evil. View article →


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