Media Said A Vaccine By End Of Year Was Impossible, Even Fact-Checked Trump Making Claim

(Ashe Schow – Daily Wire) Following the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine through an emergency use authorization, it is important to look back at all the media outlets who insisted the world wouldn’t see a vaccine before the end of 2020.

President Donald Trump in the fall began saying a vaccine was coming soon, so media outlets rushed to claim he was lying, citing “experts.” NBC News even took the step to “fact check” Trump’s prediction, one of the numerous ways so-called fact checks have been weaponized against Trump.

“Fact check: Coronavirus vaccine could come this year, Trump says. Experts say he needs a ‘miracle’ to be right,” read NBC’s headline on May 15. The outlet decided to fact check Trump’s suggestion that a coronavirus vaccine could come by the end of year thanks to his administration’s expedited timeline for such a vaccine.  View article →


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