Rick Warren’s Church Has Blacks Only Worship: No White Members Invited

“This is some next-level divisiveness that the church is facilitating black members needing a virtual “safe space” to have their “gospel experience” so that they can “heal” away from the lighter skinned congregants.” God forbid there might be white members sharing bandwidth with black members and streaming the same thing.”

(Protestia) Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church has invited “African American and/or Black Members” and their spouses of any ethnicity to attend a special gathering with racial trauma experts, with non-spousal white church members being asked to pray for the event, but to stay away.

Warren sent the invite out to members informing them that “We don’t want to be a church that just talks about love, that just studies love, that just defines love, that just prays about love. It’s not enough to just say we love people. We have to show love.

With Saddleback’s many campuses still closed, and with no plans to reopen any time soon (the opposite of loving people in their church), the special gathering is happening via Zoom and is being virtually hosted by Pastor Anthony Miller and Dr. Anita Phillips.

Miller is the communications pastor at Saddleback and Phillips is the Trauma-expert. As one might expect, Phillips is a theological mess and deeply compromised. She promotes and partners with Trinity-denying Heretic T.D. Jakes, retweeting out his material and being a speaker at his “Woman Thou Are Loosed” masterclass. When she’s not doing that, she’s hosting In the Light Podcast, which is a smorgasbord of divisive, gospel-redefining critical race theory talking points.  View article →


Rick Warren

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