Scientists Link This Superspreader Event in February to Around 300,000 COVID Cases

“According to the report, the conference attendees then carried the virus to at least six states, three different countries and the District of Columbia.”

(Bronson Stocking – Townhall)  The credibility of public health officials was shot earlier this year after members of the medical community approved of the months-long protests – i.e. superspreader events – following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Hypocritically, the same “experts” chastised other gatherings and large events that didn’t call for defunding police departments or descend into widespread violence and mayhem.

We now know, thanks to scientists who analyzed the genetic code of the coronavirus, that a superspreader event back in February is responsible for around 300,000 cases of the Wuhan virus. The event wasn’t a reopening protest or a Trump rally, but a medical conference attended by top health care professionals. View article →


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