Have COVID-19 Lockdowns Saved Any Lives? Let’s Take a Look at Federal Data

(Stacey Lennox – PJ Media)  Lockdowns have drastic consequences. Small businesses are closing for good at an alarming rate. Almost 100,000 were gone for good as of September, according to a Yelp survey. The impact on children and young adults is also enormous. Children are out of school, and a recent study shows the loss of learning is significant.

More heartbreaking are increases in mental health issues, abuse, and suicide. A few recent high-profile suicides among young teens, including one eleven-year-old on camera during a distance-learning session, drive the problem home. Opioid deaths are also increasing in over 40 states.

We are told this is the cost of controlling an unusually deadly virus by selected health experts and the corporate media. In fact, Bill Gates appeared on State of the Union with Jake Tapper and said that even with a vaccine, we won’t get back to “normal” until 2022. Dr. Anthony Fauci has told us that even with a vaccine, we will need to mask, social distance, and continue to bewareView article →


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