Democrats Destroyed All the Savings of Americans Three Times Over

“The sheer scope of the destruction may be couched in statistics, but it can be seen in empty storefronts, deserted streets, and food bank lines in cities across the country. It’s an act of economic warfare with no precedent in our history waged against a very particular group.”

(Daniel Greenfield – FrontPage Magazine)  Americans have $1.3 trillion in personal savings. A study published in The Economics of Disasters and Climate Change found that the coronavirus pandemic will result in between $3.2 trillion to $4.8 trillion in GDP losses. That approaches the economic output of Japan.

Much of those losses were caused by the lockdowns which could result in a 60.6% fall in GDP.

Governors, most of them Democrats, destroyed three times the household savings of the country, not just as an abstract number by piling on more debt and adding more infinite zeros to an impossible number, but by actively destroying small businesses on an unprecedented scale.

The results won’t go away when the virus does. Much of the country may never recover. View article →


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