How China Surpassed Hollywood and Ruled the Post-Pandemic Box Office

“Part of the problem for American cinema is that the entertainment industry was absolutely determined to portray going to the movies as dangerous and irresponsible, even though not a single coronavirus outbreak has been traced to a movie theater, anywhere in the world.”  

(John Hayward – Breitbart)  The year 2020 was the year China surpassed the United States as the largest cinema market in the world – thanks, of course, to the Wuhan coronavirus.

In 2019, American box office receipts were worth about $11.4 billion in total, compared to about $9.2 billion for China. In 2020, the American box office gross was down 80 percent thanks to the pandemic, weighing in at just $2.7 billion, while Chinese ticket sales reached $3.06 billion.

The highest-grossing film worldwide in 2020 was not a Hollywood production but a Chinese film, The Eight Hundred — a splashy blockbuster war film about Chinese troops defending Shanghai from Imperial Japan in 1937 that was supposed to come out in 2019, but was delayed when the Communist Party belatedly realized the 800 heroes of the film were the wrong sort of Chinese.  View article →


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