The End

“Trump’s presidency will end, but it’s unclear where he goes from here. The Republican Party as we know it also is over; the GOP’s disloyalty to the president and his voters in the final stretch will not be soon forgotten. And Republican control of the Senate during the Trump era ends just how it began, in making a bargain to do the Left’s bidding and ultimately acting as the Democratic Party’s useful idiots.”

(Julie Kelly – American Greatness)  In the end, almost everyone got what they deserved.

The president’s Achilles’ heel—relying on the wrong people to advance his political interests—led to his final ouster this week. Donald Trump ran out of runway and instead of preparing for a soft landing, he pumped the gas….

It’s hard to blame him: His court challenges had been thwarted by the very judges he elevated to the federal bench, his hodgepodge legal team whirred in defeat, and Republican senators he helped elect quickly turned on him.

As usual, the president was right: extensive proof of vote fraud in key states justified his belief, shared by tens of millions of Americans, that the election was stolen from him. Trump’s instinct to fight back was spot-on but the plan and the people he put in place failed to launch yet again. Despite advance warning that a majority mail-in election would doom his chance to win, the president’s team was infuriatingly unprepared both in terms of messaging and legal strategy. An odd press conference the day after the election featured not top-tier legal killers but his son and daughter-in-law.

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