Trump White House Releases Massive List of Accomplishments Media Ignored for Years

(Jonathan Davis – Trending Politics)  People who hated President Donald Trump’s prolific use of Twitter before the speech Commies at Jack Dorsey’s brainchild banned him likely did not appreciate the fact that it was his way of talking directly to the American people without the manipulating filter of the ‘mainstream’ media.

Though he has been silenced, for now, we have no doubt he’ll be back online somewhere, sooner rather than later. In fact, if we were betting individuals, we’d wager he’s already in talks either with an existing platform or in the process of developing his own.

In any event, speaking of censoring Trump, the media has done a great job of not doing its job and accurately reporting on all of his and his administration’s stunning accomplishments so, true to form, the president is listing them himself.

The White House published an extensive list of achievements during his term, which you can see here.

Meantime, here are just a few of the highlights:  View article →


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