So-Called Evangelicals Hail Biden On Immigration

“American sex historian Lisa Nolland, an evangelical Christian, told Church Militant she was shocked by how top evangelicals had capitulated to an administration that was seeking to impose an anti-biblical agenda on church and society.”

(Jules Gomes – Church Militant) Anti-Trump evangelical leaders are euphorically applauding Biden’s efforts to mend “our nation’s broken immigration system” while maintaining a funereal silence on the new administration’s radical pro-abortion, LGBTQ, anti-women and anti-religious freedom policies.

The Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT), a coalition of “influential Christian leaders” reportedly funded by leftist atheist philanthropist George Soros, released a press statement within hours of the president’s inauguration praising Biden’s “several executive actions related to immigration.”

“The leadership of the Evangelical Immigration Table (the Table) celebrates this positive momentum while urging both the Biden administration and the Congress to continue to prioritize much-needed changes to U.S. immigration policy,” EIT announced. View article →



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