Biden’s LGBT Agenda: Pedophilia Coming Down the Pike?

The whole idea of “gender” is a recent, irrational, and evolving theoretical construct disseminated by sexual radical academics, political activists, and allies in the medical establishment.  But what we’ve seen play out so far under cover of “transgender rights” reveals it as pure lunacy.

(Amy Contrada – American Thinker)  The Biden regime’s January 20 executive order demanding “equal treatment under the law, no matter [one’s] gender identity or sexual orientation” is just the first salvo in the next wave pushing “LGBT rights.”  The order will soon be backed by federal law, via the pending LGBT “Equality Act.”

While many are now warning that the order will destroy girls’ and women’s sports, its impact is much broader.

The enforcers will be given free rein to transform society in unimaginable ways, given the undefined terms in the order and pending law: gender identitysexual orientationLGBT.  Why has there been no pushback on embedding these sexual-radical concepts in our legal system? View article →


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