Deceptively Titled ‘Equality Act’ Would Be Giant Step to Destroying Religious Freedom

“While its name may sound nice to some, the “Equality Act” actually poses devastating and unprecedented threats to religious freedom. We’ve already seen examples of these threats where similar legislation has been passed at the state and local levels.”

(Mark Tapscott – PJ Media)  It’s baaccckkk! That horrendously mislabeled Equality Act from 2019 has re-appeared but this time there are Democratic majorities in both chambers of Congress and a Democrat in the Oval Office.

There are two keys to understanding why this proposal is such a threat to the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious assembly and practice without interference from Congress.

First, as with so much else that appears under the rubric of “social justice,” this proposal absolutizes the concept of equality into a battering ram against the rights of unfavored groups. That’s precisely the outcome the Founders hoped to prevent. View article →


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