Does ‘Vision Casting’ have anything to do with Abiding in Christ and bearing much fruit?

I have always listened closely to the direction the Lord has lead me as I become troubled by something I have heard someone preach or someone asks me a question that causes me to become troubled in my spirit or circumstances become skewed in such a way that the Holy Spirit uses that to get my attention and through these various “things” and many others, I start praying, asking for direction, looking deeply into the Word, asking godly counsel from men I know who do the same thing. This post below was written and put online back in August of 2015….

We had just moved from Deer Creek to Yukon and were not yet settled where we would attend church. I was researching this when I heard a sermon from one of the pastors of a church we were looking at. What I heard troubled my spirit and this post was the result. If you are serious about your walk, and you should be, then you probably already know that the visible church is full of man-centered preaching and teaching. Vision Casting is just one of the man-centered teachings that come from this. On the other hand, a genuine God centered handling of worship and preaching and teaching will always be about God, the Son, the Holy Spirit, all bound to the Word of God and the message will be bound to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, not in any way some sort of motivational pep-talk to get people busy being religious. View article →