After 20 Years in Politics, Here Are 20 Pieces of Political Advice for Conservatives

16) The nature of liberals: There is almost nothing a liberal is incapable of doing if you don’t have some kind of figurative stick to hit them with. Liberals don’t care about human decency, intellectual honesty, morality, the good of the country, the results of their programs, or the Constitution. What they do understand and care about is, “This may have negative consequences for me or liberalism.”  Remember that and act accordingly.

(John Hawkins) I have been in politics now since 2001 and I’ve done a lot in that time. My website Right Wing News was one of the 10,000 biggest websites in America, I was a social media consultant for Duncan Hunter’s presidential campaign, I’ve been one of the most-read conservative columnists in America (I’ve been published in Townhall, Human Events, PJ Media, National Review, Hot Air, Gateway Pundit, BizPac Review, the Western Journal, The Dispatch, The Daily Wire, and numerous other outlets)….

I had a book that was in the top 50 in the self-help section when it came out, I’ve done hundreds of hours of radio, I’ve helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Republican candidates, was behind a $600,000 GoFundMe for Brett Kavanaugh,  built one of the biggest conservative Facebook pages in America, and was one of the first people to have that Facebook page targeted for cancelation by Mark Zuckerberg and company. There are lots of other things I could add, but you get the idea. I didn’t just roll off the turnip truck yesterday. I’ve been doing this stuff for a long time. I’ve done a lot and I’ve learned a lot. With that in mind, let me take that twenty years of grassroots political experience and turn it into a column with 20 pieces of political advice for conservatives.  View article →


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