Hero Liberal, Naomi Wolf, Goes on Tucker to Blast ‘Totalitarian’ COVID Policies

(Megan Fox – PJ Media)  Author Naomi Wolf might be the last true “liberal” in America. I never use the word “liberal” to describe the statist, pro-cancel-culture totalitarian left because the word doesn’t fit what they actually are. There’s nothing “liberal” about people who want to control every aspect of your life, including how much oxygen you can breathe in public. They are not “liberal” by any stretch of the imagination, nor do they support free speech as true liberals do. The American left cancels speech through firebombing or rioting or whatever other violent activities they regularly engage in to shut down free speech in America. (See any speech given by Ann Coulter or Milo Yiannopoulos on college campuses.)

But Naomi Wolf has earned the title of “liberal” in the classical sense in my estimation for being one of the most outspoken critics of COVID lockdown policies. She appeared on the Tucker Carlson Show to plead with Americans to wake up before it’s too late. What she has to say is incredibly important and her message should be amplified.

Watch Tucker’s interview.  View article →


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