Dr. Michael Brown – False Prophets are not False if They Were Sincere When They Prophesied Falsely

“Your notions are not only fanciful but they are heretical. Here is today’s deep theology. You cannot be a saved, blood bought believer in Jesus Christ and then proceed to lie about hearing from Him. Here is the fundamental error that Brown and Charismania constantly live under. They believe there is a difference between someone’s intent, and the eventual outcome.” 

(Anthony Wade – 828 Ministries) As the dust has settled over Charismania in the wake of nearly every false prophet being exposed in this past election, we see those who are gatekeepers still trying to hold the line. Dr. Michael Brown is one of the primary gatekeepers of both the NAR and false teaching/prophesy network that is the money spigot that makes Charismania the billion-dollar industrial complex it is today….

Once people realized Trump lost, the scrambling began to minimize the damage. How do you explain that every single prophet you claimed to believe in got it wrong? You pretend that because they believed they were sincere at the time they lied on behalf of God that it doesn’t matter that they lied on behalf of God. I kid you not. The link above is to Dr. Brown’s latest defense, trying to recast what a false prophet is and is not. Let us reason once more together.

“As I have been addressing the failed Trump prophecies, some Christian leaders have challenged me, saying I am not going far enough. Instead, they believe, to be scripturally accurate, I must brand anyone who prophesies falsely a “false prophet.” To quote the words of one pastoral couple who graciously challenged me, “We would respectfully ask that Dr. Brown repent of his defense of these false prophets and false teachers, adding fanciful ideas to the Word of God in the process–and publicly call for the removal of the false prophets from their pulpits, the same as we would expect him to do if these popular teachers were engaged in adultery, sexual immorality or other grievous sin. False teachers are said to be ‘deceived and being deceived’ at the same time (2 Tim. 3:13).” But that’s the thing. I have not defended those who prophesied falsely. I have called for accountability, and I have done so in very clear, strong terms. That being said, the error of those who inadvertently prophesied falsely is not equivalent to “adultery, sexual immorality or other grievous sin,” as I’ll explain.” – Dr. Michael Brown  View article →


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