Mandatory Vaccinations Arrive in UK

The lioness in me is already up on her haunches, ready to defend her cubs to the death. I want to roar in the faces of the authorities until their hair singes off at the roots: ’Get your hands off my kids. They are not part of your freaky social experiment and they are never going to be!’

(Katie Hopkins – Frontpage Magazine)  For once in our lives we Brits have made it to the top of a league table, but for all the wrong reasons.

According to academic types at the University of Oxford, Brits are enduring the sixth strictest lockdown in the world and the second harshest in Europe.,,,

Only Cuba, Eritrea, Ireland, Honduras, Lebanon and Peru have faced tougher lockdowns, and most of those places are no stranger to a military coup or a bread line or two.

It does not end with lockdown. Lockdown was never the destination. In Britain, lockdown was only ever a pathway to mandatory vaccination, using unmarked backroads to mask the destination. But we’ve finally arrived.   View article →


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